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Certified Wildlife Biologist
M.S. University of Georgia
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The little brown bat network (March 2017)

White Nose Syndrome grant to understand roost use by litle brown bats in Yampa Valley

little brown bat release

For 3 years, Jeremy Siemers and I, in a collaboration with Colorado Parks and Wildife, have been conducting mark-recapture of little brown bats on two ranches in the Yampa Valley. We quickly learned that, despite being approximately 30 miles away, the maternity roosts at these ranches were not independent. Individuals regularly make forays between the roosts. This led us to a bigger question...

If we are trying to monitor a summer population of little brown bats, what exactly is a "population". So, this summer, through a grant from USFWS, we will attach telemeters to bats and identify an assortment of roosts that are being used. This will help us understand the fission-fusion model for roost use for this population of little browns, help us describe the roosts they use, and help us provide guidelines on how best to map a summer colony for long-term population monitoring.