Endangered Species Act Listed Plants

  • New profiles can be selected by clicking on the species name. The original 1997 profiles from the Colorado Rare Plant Field Guide (the purple book) are provided as pdfs. Synonyms of scientific names are shown in parentheses. For a complete list of plants tracked by CNHP see CNHP Tracked Plants.
    USFS = USFS Sensitive; BLM = BLM Sensitive
State Scientific Name State Common Name Heritage Rank FedSens Agency Status USESA Listing 1997 Profile
Astragalus humillimus Mancos milkvetch  G1    LE  PDF
Astragalus microcymbus Skiff milkvetch  G1  BLM  C  PDF
Astragalus osterhoutii Kremmling Osterhout milkvetch  G1    LE  PDF
Astragalus schmolliae Chapin Mesa milkvetch  G1    C  PDF
Astragalus tortipes Sleeping Ute milkvetch  G1  BLM  C  PDF
Eriogonum pelinophilum Clay-loving wild buckwheat  G2    LE  PDF
Eutrema penlandii Mosquito Range mustard  G1G2    LT  PDF
Ipomopsis polyantha Pagosa skyrocket  G1    LE  PDF
Oenothera coloradensis ssp. coloradensis
(Gaura neomexicana ssp. coloradensis)
Colorado butterfly plant  G3T2    LT  PDF
Pediocactus knowltonii Knowlton's cactus  G1    LE  PDF
Penstemon debilis Parachute penstemon  G1    LT  PDF
Penstemon penlandii Kremmling beardtongue  G1    LE  PDF
Phacelia formosula North Park phacelia  G1    LE  PDF
Phacelia submutica
(Phacelia scopulina var. submutica)
DeBeque phacelia  G4T2    LT  PDF
Physaria congesta
(Lesquerella congesta)
Dudley Bluffs bladderpod  G1    LT  PDF
Physaria obcordata Piceance twinpod  G1G2    LT  PDF
Sclerocactus glaucus Colorado hookless cactus  G2G3    LT  PDF
Sclerocactus mesae-verdae Mesa Verde cactus  G2    LT  PDF
Spiranthes diluvialis Ute ladies' tresses  G2G3    LT  PDF