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View Spatial Data

The Colorado Wetland Inventory Mapping Tool displays several different datasets depicting the location and classification of wetlands in Colorado. Datasets displayed on the mapping tool include:

  • Wetland mapping produced by National Wetlands Inventory
  • Riparian mapping produced by Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Potential fen mapping produced by various parties
  • Potential playa mapping produced by the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies (formerly Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory) and Playa Lakes Joint Venture

In addition to the wetland datasets, the Colorado Wetlands Inventory Mapping Tool includes two data products created by CNHP:

  • Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs), which represent wetland and riparian areas with high biodiversity significance.
  • Wetland Stressors, a statewide model that integrates stress to aquatic resources from roads, development, resource extraction, and hydrologic modification.

As a background, users can choose between streets, aerial photos, and topographic maps. Users can also toggle on and off supplemental information including county boundaries, two levels of USGS Hydrologic Units (river basins and subbasins), two levels of EPA Ecoregions, and general land management.